Yoga - Enjoy The Benefits Of Siddha Yoga Practice


The main aim behind the various practices of this Yoga is to sustain life by maintaining a proper alignment with the dogma of the Siddha Yoga path. The meditation is one of the most significant practices, which enables the individual to experience his divine consciousness that is considered as the true nature.


Along with meditation, other practices include Chanting, Seva, Dakshina, Hatha Yoga, Satsang, and Retreat which take the students to the path of enlightenment with the grace of the Guru through Shaktipat inititation.


All these spiritual practices further help in developing a stronger and balanced mind along with an increased potential for love, magnanimousness, and service.


Basic Awareness Regarding Siddha Yoga Information


It is one of the most mysterious and ancient arts in the world, which has covered a period of thousand of years. The various hidden truths of Siddha Yoga make everyone to learn the exact way of living their god-gifted life. It is also known as the yoga of activity, as it edifies the correct actions to be taken in all invigorating situations.


As discussed earlier, that this practice is a path towards internal development and internal improvement, therefore it protects the individual from being occupied by the internal dreams which have cropped up due to the bewildering influences of the external life.


The teachings of this Yoga have enabled the people to amend their destinies. Not only this, they can even bring a change in their internal attitude for various things and in their own actions.


Therefore, the life domineered by the principles of Yoga is totally different from that of an ordinary life, as the person becomes capable of facing the various troubles, difficulties, and failures of life after undergoing various practices of Yoga, but this is not so in the case of ordinary life.


Contribution in Curing Diseases


As we all know, that our modern medical science has classified the diseases in two major categories of Physical Diseases and Mental Diseases which are treated with various medicines or therapeutic applications.


But according to the studies of the Indian Sage, Patanjali, the diseases are categorized into three classes: Physical (Aadhidehik), Mental (Aadhibhautik), and Spiritual (Aadhidaivik).


This is so because, according to the ancient Indian sages, the sufferings in humans? life are not due to the exposure to germs or pathogens, rather because of their actions in their past lives which is known as ‘The Spiritual Law Of Karma'.


It has been found by various spiritual masters that a spiritual disease can be cured by spiritual remedies which can further be done by practicing Yoga under the supervision of spiritual masters. Because, these spiritual remedies will enable the sufferers to cut down their web of Karmic past so as to free themselves from various diseases and to understand the main purpose of their lives via self-awakening.


Not only this, it has also been proved that Yoga has come up with the fruitful outcomes in curing various chronic disorders like arthritis, diabetes and even deadly diseases like cancer or AIDS. Furthermore it has always succeeded in the cases where the medical science has reached to their final limitations to cure various diseases.


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