How To Prepare Cream Recipe For Puffy Eyes


Puffy eyes is the state where a person has fluid is in the tissue of the face and this state can also disturb the under skin as well. It can cause the inflammation near the eyes. There are numerous reasons of affecting the puffy eyes like allergies, infections from the contact lenses, thyroid condition, sinus, weather problem, hormones and heredity.

There are several creams announced in the market to deal with the puffy eyes which are made from natural ingredients. In this article will tell you some home made recipes to avoid the swelling and inflammation of the eyes. These home made recipes are very effective and safest way to avoid the any top and it is also very easy to prepare. Here is some of the home recipes mentioned below

There is an common herb which is called as witch hazel, it is one of the plants that contains astringent properties which is also very profitable in curing the puffy eyes and this plant is also very useful in decreasing the dryness infection and inflammation. To prepare the recipe you need to have branch of this plant and peel the bark of it and cut it into two pieces and mash it in the food processor. Next you have to add the vodka in this blend and wrap the witch hazel. Then grate the witch hazel and then transfer in to other

Container. Store this solution for a month and also careful to shake this solution on

Regular basis. After a month add aloe Vera and vitamin E oil in this solution. Then you can apply this blend on to the eyes and leave this blend for 15 to 20 minutes.Potatoes are also very profitable to avoid the swelling or puffiness from the ayes and it also contains the natural properties that are very useful to decrease the inflammation.

Firstly you have to grate the potatoes and then mash them to make the juice to apply on to the face and give proper massage on the under skin near the eyes. Keep this solution for 10 minutes on the face. It is also very effective in avoiding the puffy eyes.


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