How to Make a Facial Moisturizer


There are number of ways to make facial moisturizer which helps to give your face ease or calm. Home made moisturizers are the best to maintain the beautiful and healthy glowing face and also stays graceful and soft. Natural homemade moisturizer helps your skin fine and hydrated and also very effective to protect you from wrinkles and symptoms of early ageing. There are number of fruits from which you can make the moisturizer like peach, apricot, aloe Vera and honey. Here are some of the ingredients to make the moisturizer from

Recipe to prepare the aloe Vera moisturizer

Aloe Vera 1 tablespoon and 1 tablespoon of mineral water


Take a container and add small amount of aloe Vera in it and then put few drops of mineral water into the container and heat the blend until you get the creamy substance. Keep this blend for sometime for cool down for half an hour and stored in the container.

How to apply

It is very effective for face and you can apply it whenever you want. Also it is very important to wash your face before applying the aloe Vera moisturizer.

Peach moisturizer is also very effective for dry and dehydrated skin. Here is the recipe of peach moisturizer.


Peach and cream

Method to prepare the peach moisturizer for dry and dehydrated skin tone

The very first step is to uncover the ripe peach and cut out the pit. Then crush the pulpy peach till it gets smooth you can also use the fork.

Then add the ¼ cup of heavy cream into the mixture of pulpy peach and after that drain the mixture with the help of sieve.

Now you can apply this soft moisturizer in the higher circular motion on the face and rinse your face after applying the moisturizer with the warm water.

Then touch or strike on your face lightly to provoke the cells of your skin.

Keep this moisturizer in the fridge and use later. This moisturizer is best to sue within 1 or 2 days.


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