Home Remedy for Heartburn


Heartburn means pain and burning sensation in the chest and abdomen area. It is also named as pyrosis, it is mainly a painful or burning sensation in the esophagus. Heartburn mainly happened because of the upward direction of gastric acid from the abdomen to the chest and this acid worsens the tissues in the throat and esophagus. Heartburn is one of the digestive issues and it is not related with the execution of the heart. Heartburn can be caused due to the pregnancy, foods, bending down, wearing highly tight clothes and sleeping on a full abdomen. There are some of the signs of causing heartburn such as gas, bloating, shortness of breath and acidic. Here in this article will suggest you some effective home remedies to fight against heartburn. Given below are some of the home preparations to treat heartburn.

The simplest way to deal with heartburn is to drink water in excess or you can also add baking soda. It is really very effective in curing burning sensation.

You can also make use of cinnamon it is also very beneficial in curing this burning sensation. You can prepare a tea of cinnamon and consume it two times a day. You can also consume sandwich of cinnamon. It is also effective to cure heartburn.

Cabbage is also very profitable to deal with heartburn. Cut the cabbage and boil it for about 7 minutes by adding water and then add some mashed potatoes and also olive oil in it. Eat this combination; this would help you in avoiding heartburn.

Add water in ginger root and boil this water for about 10 minutes and consume it. This is also very useful in treating heartburn.

Aloe vera juice is also very advantageous in curing heartburn.

You can also make use of yellow mustard, it is also very profitable in curing heartburn immediately. Consume yellow mustard with water.

You can also prepare a chamomile tea. Consume this tea after your meals. This is also very beneficial to treat heartburn.


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