Can You Believe That These Two Photos Are Taken 12 Hours Apart? Shocking!

Tiffany Brien is famous blogger who posted two photos that were all taken 12 hours apart. On the one her stomach is so swollen it looks like she was in the sixth month of pregnancy, as she wrote, and on the other her stomach is completely flat.

One photo was taken in the evening, before she went to sleep and the other in the morning when she got up.

Tiffany blamed lack of sleep for hers bloated stomach, hormones, stress and food intolerance. She also pointed out that this is something that she is struggling with for years.

In addition to hormones and lack of sleep, Tiffany noticed that stress is a very negative impact on this problem. After all this time she knows what she should and shouldn’t do to avoid bloated stomach.

Tiffany’s Andalas Tourism tips for bloated stomach:

  • Get some sleep!
  • Keep a record of everything you eat during the day to be able to track what causes bloating.
  • Do not overdo the exercise to be solved flatulence, you will probably only make things worse.
  • Drink mint tea to calm the stomach.
  • Relax and be happy … Everything will be ok, you are not alone. I promise!


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